30 Westworld theories that totally make sense

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17. There are two separate Dolores host robots

When the big Bernard reveal happened, with his true identity of a host being confirmed, a minor detail was missed by fans. As Theresa finds the original designs for the host Bernard and for the original “prototype” of Dolores, it also confirms Dolores was the original synthetic human. But given other things we now know about the park, let’s think about what this means.

The Man in Black knows that the robots have changed since the start of the park. The original droids had metal gears and moving parts on the inside. They’ve since been changed to a “flesh and bone” model as it’s more cost effective, at least according to the man in black. But if they’re going to switch to a completely new kind of model, wouldn’t they remove all of the old model droids out of Westworld?

Theoretically, they would. Perhaps a new Dolores was created with the new design, and that’s the one currently available in the park. What about the other one? Maybe the old model Dolores stays behind the scenes in the laboratory. It could explain why she was able to have those conversations with Bernard, while also seemingly having adventures in Westworld at the same time. And maybe the two Doloreses even share the same consciousness.