30 Westworld theories that totally make sense

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HBO’s Westworld is ripe for the picking when it comes to fan theories, as it’s perhaps the most mysterious show on television. So let’s look at 30 believable theories.

Is there a show more complex than Westworld? Every time viewers may start to think they know what’s happening, something else changes the course of the series. Only new mysteries seem to pop up as we’re trying to get to the heart of other ones.

But fans of the show have been putting together some plausible theories moving forward. So let’s look at thirty of the most believable Westworld theories, starting with…

30. Bernard is a clone of Arnold

One of the biggest mysteries on the show was only recently confirmed. Bleeding heart Bernard is actually a synthetic after all, and not a human as we all believed. This means that his entire backstory with his wife and child are fiction. The truth is that Bernard is very loyal to his master, and everything he does is for him.

Some fans are theorizing that Bernard is, in fact, a clone of the mysterious Arnold. This Arnold person co-created the park with Ford, but has since gone missing. Some people believe Ford had Bernard built as a replica of Arnold. Given how long Bernard seems to have been around, it’s possible.