The Walking Dead Rumors: Is Chandler Riggs leaving show for college?

Credit: AMC/Gene Page
Credit: AMC/Gene Page /

A new rumors based on a not so new tweet from The Walking Dead star Chandler Riggs has fans wondering if he’s going to leave the show.

We are just five episodes into the seventh season of The Walking Dead, but already fans are getting weary about the fate of a long time character. If you don’t want anything potentially spoiled, then just stop here. This is all rumor, but things that have happened on the show this season are going to be discussed, so spoiler alert to anyone not wanting to see that information.

For those of you that have seen the show up to this past Sunday’s episode, then feel free to read on.

Here’s the skinny, before we dive into the meat of this. Chandler Riggs, who plays Carl Grimes on The Walking Dead, recently announced that he had been accepted to attend Auburn University. While this is fantastic news for the actor, people have begun jumping to the conclusion that this must mean Carl is going to be killed off the show so Riggs can attend school.

To be totally clear, no one knows what this means for Carl’s character on the show or if Riggs personal life is going to in anyway effect his character on the show.

Carl is still alive in the comics, so to have him killed off on the show would be about as massive a departure as we’ve seen the AMC series take. There have been other deviations from the comic books, but killing off Carl would be up there with the killing off of Andrea, who had much more time left in the comics than she was afforded on the show.

There were indications that Carl could be in danger after last week’s episode. He was seen in the back of a cargo truck, with Jesus, heading back to Negan’s compound. As we saw in the third episode, not a whole lot of good things happen at Negan’s compound, even to Saviors.

That tweet was followed up by Riggs posting then deleting a photo with a caption that seemed to suggest he was wrapping up his time with the show.

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That photo caption was amended to exclude the language which made it sound as thought Riggs was bidding farewell to his fellow cast members on The Walking Dead to something much more vague and plain. Still, it begs the question as to whether or not Riggs accidentally spoiled his death on The Walking Dead, which would be a massive moment for the show.

It makes sense that Carl could be killed off, but that goes both ways. For all the sense it makes that Carl could be killed off, we can’t believe anything until it actually happens on the show.