The Walking Dead Season 7, episode 5: Most shocking moments

The Walking Dead Season 7 - Credit: Gene Page/AMC
The Walking Dead Season 7 - Credit: Gene Page/AMC /
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Credit: Gene Page/AMC
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1. Carl and Jesus take a road trip

Sasha knows that Negan must be stopped. They failed before by underestimating the sheer size of his gang, only taking out a fraction of their soldiers. Now, they know what they’re dealing with and who’s really in charge. But nobody knows where their true headquarters is located.

Considering his ninja-like skills, Sasha asks Jesus for a favor. She tells him to find where Negan’s living, but to keep it a secret between them. As they know one of the supply trucks will be heading that way from the Hilltop, Jesus agrees and manages to hop in the back of it. He takes a sip of the scotch they stole from Gregory, playfully dumping out the rest of the bottle.

But then a random voice distracts him. Somebody greets him inside the truck— it’s Carl. He wasn’t kidding when he told Enid he was going after Negan. So Jesus and Carl are now traveling together to Negan’s compound. It’s probably the most dangerous thing either of them could think to do. But it’s also the only possible way to develop any sort of plan of taking down Negan.

All in all, “Go Getters” is a satisfying episode. It proves that Rosita isn’t alone in wanting to not give up the fight. At least Sasha, Carl, and now Jesus are coming up with some ideas too. It’s good news for me, because I say vengeance against Negan can’t come soon enough.

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