The Walking Dead Season 7, episode 5: Most shocking moments

The Walking Dead Season 7 - Credit: Gene Page/AMC
The Walking Dead Season 7 - Credit: Gene Page/AMC /
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Gregory, Sasha, Maggie (Photo: Gene Page/AMC)
Gregory, Sasha, Maggie on The Walking Dead (Photo: Gene Page/AMC) /

2. Gregory’s cowardice nearly kills Sasha and Maggie

Gregory has been freaking out ever since seeing Sasha and Maggie in the Hilltop. He’s thinking about the deal he made with their group to try to take out Negan’s warriors. In an attempt to keep “plausible deniability”, Gregory demands the two women leave the Hilltop by the next day. But unfortunately for his plans, Negan’s men show up before he can kick them out.

Panicking, Gregory tells Jesus to hide the ladies in a closet. Negan’s right hand man Simon and a large group of followers come in to talk to him. For what it’s worth, Simon seems to buy Gregory’s story about not knowing anything about Alexandria attacking the Saviors. And he has no clue that two Alexandrians are hiding in the house.

But let’s not forget Gregory is a coward. Simon can look at him and tell he’s hiding something. So after prodding him just a tad, Gregory agrees that there’s something he needs to show him. And he leads Simon to the closet to expose Sasha and Maggie. However, they’re not in the closet. All that’s in there is a box of Gregory’s scotch which Simon takes it all as a donation for Negan before leaving.

Gregory chastises Jesus for hiding them in a different closet. But this foresight by Jesus ended up saving Maggie and Sasha.