Will Ferrell trolls Donald Trump as George W. Bush (Video)

Will Ferrell brought back his George W. Bush impression to troll Donald Trump and the current presidential election, on @Midnight.

The presidential election is just around the corner, as we’re weeks away from either electing Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. Neither are options that Americans are very fond of, as  it’s truly turned into a situation where many believe they’re choosing a lesser of two evils.

That’s not the case, as it was never a debate about the lesser of two evils — there’s only one orange tinted evil. The whole election has provided great late night fodder, and that extends to mire underground hits like ‘@Midnight’ with Chris Hardwick. He’s had a fake Donald Trump on before, which is a little played out by now, but rebounded with a fake George Bush.

Not just any old fake George Bush — the fake George Bush, Will Ferrell. The SNL alum dusted off the character to throw some haymakers at Trump and let us re-live one of Ferrell’s best impressions.

He mainly goes in on Donald Trump, using the Bush character to address everything from Jeb’s sparring to the Billy Bush scandal. It also affords Ferrell opportunities to call Trump a ‘disgraced pumpkin’.

There was plenty of self-derogatory Bush comedy as well. Ferrell noted that Bush’s were raised to know better than Billy — they never under any circumstances ride a bus.



Ferrell has been hitting the late night circuit a lot lately, and no one is going to complain if he keeps that streak running. He brought back Harry Carey on Live with Jimmy Kimmel this week, and this makes it two ex-SNL impressions in a row.

All of this should be leading to another SNL cameo, which would be amazing to see. the only catch is having to wait two weeks for that time to come.

It seems like a small price to pay, though.

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