30 times Bill Maher embarrassed republicans

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22. Maher blasts GOP for protecting corporations at expense of consumers

When Americans buy food in the grocery store, they have the right to know where it comes from. This is why laws were put into place for manufacturers to always reveal this information. Mystery meat is only something given to schoolchildren in cartoons exaggerating how bad school food is. It’s not something people should really be having to buy.

But, wouldn’t you know it, the GOP voted to change this. They wanted new laws to protect the corporations from this, which would give them the ability to withhold where the meat comes from. This is baffling to Bill Maher, who is nearly speechless when bringing it up on Real Time. The talk show host has a very hard time accepting why anyone would consider this to be a great idea.

It’s insulting for Republicans to suggest deregulation of meat sold in stores is a good thing. It obviously seems to be something politically motivated which leads them to this conclusion. Treating corporations better than the consumers goes back to the “corporations are people” stance the GOP has been previously trashed for. And this is just another horrible example of how they truly follow that philosophy.