30 times Bill Maher embarrassed republicans

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2. Donald Trump has apparently created his own Bible

It seems to be a prerequisite that to be a Republican politician, you must claim to be religious. You’ll never see a prominent member of the GOP claiming to be an atheist, or God forbid, a Muslim. No, they’ll never get anywhere if they don’t say Jesus Christ is their biggest hero, whether or not that’s how they actually feel.

Donald Trump knows this. The only problem is he really seems to be strongly unfamiliar with the Bible. He claims to love the book and quotes from it. However, he is caught in many lies over this and the quotes don’t match up. He avoids elaborating on the good book as much as possible, claiming that his favorite passages are “too personal” to reveal.

It’s clearly to obvious that Trump is pulling this out of his backside. This reflects even worse on the GOP, as the Republican party claims to be so religious. However they are touting someone who very clearly has not read the Bible, yet is fibbing their way, badly, into trying to convince everyone he is.

The only explanation, as Bill Maher jokes about on Real Time, is that there is a special King Trump version of the Holy Bible.