30 times Bill Maher embarrassed republicans

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7. The GOP has only themselves to blame for Trump, not liberals

There’s no denying that Donald Trump is one of the most controversial presidential candidates in history. He has millions of followers (somehow), but there are still many in his own party who don’t care for him. Those Republicans who are anti-Trump are looking for something to blame for the reality TV’s star’s rise to political prominence. But as it surely can’t be their fault, some of them are pointing their fingers at the Republicans.

As some Republicans theorize, liberals demanding political correctness started this mess. This supposedly made people turn to Trump’s hateful rehtoric just to get away from how overly PC liberals want the world to be. People who are otherwise reasonable are voting for Trump  just to fight back.

Bill Maher proves on Real Time just how flimsy this argument is. He’s taken political correctness to task many times himself on the show. Liberals can be blamed for certain things, such as the man-bun and gluten free food’s rise in popularity. But conservatives have nobody else to blame for Donald Trump. As Maher says on the show, it’s funny that the “party of personal responsibility” doesn’t want to take responsibility on this one.