30 times Bill Maher embarrassed republicans

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9. Maher explains the truth of the “laboratories of democracy”

On one episode of Real Time, Bill Maher discusses what some call “laboratories of democracy”. This is a phrase used by Republican politicians to blame their issues on the Democrats. To explore this issue further, Maher takes a look at Republican run states like Louisiana and Kansas. The point is to see what years of trickle down economics has really done for these economies. As Maher shows, it isn’t good.

Compare that to, say, California, which is run by Democrats. There, the economy is thriving. Maher says the GOP needs to check the scoreboard, because the left is apparently winning. If they’re really going to say that states are, quote, “laboratories of democracy”, then Maher has an answer to that with an analogy. “Our mice are thriving, yours are dead,” he says on the subject.

It’s just a matter of looking at the results. Giving huge tax breaks to the wealthy, expecting them to just always do the right thing, isn’t working. It’s killing their economies. But in California, where the richest citizens had been given higher tax rates, it’s a totally different story. The state has seen a tremendous boom in its economy.