30 times Bill Maher embarrassed republicans

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10. Maher mourns the death of the truth, thanks to the internet

On the subject of zombie lies, Maher perhaps didn’t realize things would get worse from there. In fact, the internet has been accelerating falsehoods more than zombie lies from actual news outlets ever could. Now, people get their information from chain emails and Facebook posts from psychopaths. The truth has gotten so far buried in light of this that it may as well be dead.

Maher blasts how the GOP rolls out festering piles of lies, which are quickly spread online. He brings up Carly Fiorina, who really spread some whoppers about Planned Parenthood. Carly takes the infamous leaked videos (which were found in court to be a hoax) and adds her own lies to them, creating a huge fib-filled sundae. She literally claims that a living fetus is shown being held down while they talk about harvesting its brain.

Of course, the problem here is that, even in the hoax videos Fiorina is mentioning, none of that happens. There is no footage of this happening at Planned Parenthood, even in faked form. It’s clearly a lie with easy evidence to find to the contrary, but these falsehoods still spread like wildfire on the web.