30 times Bill Maher embarrassed republicans

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11. Maher exposes the environmental “zombie lies” of the right wing

Bill Maher’s definition of “zombie lies” are the falsehoods told by the GOP that just won’t die. Even when proof declares these lies to be inaccurate, they persist and keep coming back. In other words, just like a zombie from a George A. Romero horror movie. And the GOP has zombie lies for a wide variety of topics.

On one episode of Real Time, Maher delivers the “environmental edition” of a zombie lies segment to honor Earth Day. Maher talks about a Newsweek article from 1975 mentioning theories that the planet was cooling. This particular article has since proven to be a hoax, and thousands of subsequent articles debunk it. So, you would think this story would ultimately go away, right?

Not if it’s a zombie lie! Even in recent times, Republicans like Mike Huckabee remember things differently. Huckabee actually claims that “every” piece of literature from those days said we would all “freeze to death”. It’s funny for the GOP to tout an obscure Newsweek article from 1975 to further their agendas today. Because it’s not even like Newsweek always predicts things accurately, as Maher says. This is the same publication who predicted M. Night Shyamalan would be the next Steven Spielberg.