30 times Bill Maher embarrassed republicans

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14. Maher jokes about lesser known publications endorsing Trump

On an episode of Real Time, Bill Maher talks about some of the unusual endorsements Hillary Clinton had been receiving. In particular, some interesting publications were throwing their support behind the Democratic nominee. This ranges from publications who normally lean right, as well as others who typically avoid endorsements altogether.

On the other side of the fence, things weren’t so hot. Trump had yet to earn a single endorsement from a daily newspaper. But Maher wanted to have some fun with this at Trump’s expense. So the Real Time host dedicates a segment to bring to light some of Trump’s supposed endorsements from more obscure publications.

Of course, the titles listed are all obviously fake. However, they do seem like they’d be endorsing Trump if they actually existed. These phony publications include names like Unpopular Science, Good Housekeeper, American Sociopath, Car and Liar, and Whine Aficionado. Referencing Trump’s wife Melania, Modern Mail Order Bride is also a suggested endorsement.

Donald Trump may have a hard time getting endorsements from actual publications the rest of us have heard of. But these fake publications are probably the best he is ever going to actually obtain.