30 times Bill Maher embarrassed republicans

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15. Maher slams Republicans for poor choices of “American heroes”

It seems that the GOP has a bad habit of trumping up the wrong people to be their heroes. Their vetting process for these individuals seems to be quite poor. They seem so quick to place these people on a pedestal without doing a little digging on them first, which often embarrasses the GOP later.

Bill Maher takes this head on in a segment on Real Time. He says that it’s the fault of the Republicans themselves when their heroes turn out to be terrible people and they should never act surprised. When someone like a Kim Davis or a Joe the Plumber comes out, the GOP treats them like royalty before anything else.

Kim Davis, for example, had children out of wedlock and was married four times. Considering it was being against gay marriage that made her so famous, it was very hypocritical. What about the “sanctity of marriage” the GOP always touts to defend denying gay marriage? Maher jokes that Kim’s answer to “What would Jesus do?” is everybody.

Maher goes through other “American heroes”, also including Cliven Bundy. Bundy was at first a conservative hero until he proved how insane and racist he was. You know someone’s bad when even Fox News backs off on them.