30 times Bill Maher embarrassed republicans

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16. Maher shows how “Christian” far right Republicans actually are

A lot of Republicans love to use the religion card to justify the things they believe in. A great example would be gay marriage. Conservatives insist that they can’t accept it as homosexuality is referred to as a sin in the Bible. Forget that tattoos and eating ham are also forbidden, but that’s an entirely separate argument.

It seems that these types of right wingers are only cherry picking their facts. This brings Bill Maher to suggest that there are two different types of Jesus in politics. Liberals have the actual Jesus, while Republicans have the “supply side Jesus”. Maher’s theory is that Republicans didn’t like the Biblical version of Jesus so they basically created their own version. Supply Side Jesus seems to be quite the opposite of the actual Jesus from the Bible.

“He’d love to help the less fortunate, but he’s got investors to think about!” Maher says of Supply Side Jesus. This corporate version of Christ shows how little many religious Republicans actually know about the son of God. The reality is that Jesus would be branded as a dirty socialist if he were around today, so maybe the GOP should give up on using him to further their agenda.