The Walking Dead Season 7 premiere: Biggest WTF moments

Lucille on The Walking Dead - Courtesy of AMC
Lucille on The Walking Dead - Courtesy of AMC /
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Negan on The Walking Dead - Courtesy of AMC
Negan on The Walking Dead – Courtesy of AMC /

1. Negan almost forces Rick to cut off Carl’s hand

After Negan kills his two victims and takes Rick for a ride, he returns to the camp. The other survivors are still at the mercy of the Saviors. But Negan still doesn’t feel as if he’s gotten through to Rick. He says he doesn’t like the way Rick doesn’t appear to take him seriously.

So, an additional measure is taken to get Rick to submit. He has his henchmen pin Carl to the ground next to Rick, drawing a line on his forearm. He says that Carl is going to lose his hand to get Rick to really understand. And the worst part? Negan says Rick has to do this himself.

It’s a truly horrific moment, one of the worst in the series. Every single member of the group will be shot dead if Rick doesn’t do this. Even Carl tells his dad that he needs to just do it. Rick bawls loudly, begging Negan, seemingly to no avail. He raises the hatchet, and prepares to swing it down.

But Negan does yet another shocking thing— he stops it. It appears he finally saw the fear in Rick’s eyes that he was trying to bring out. Now content that Rick won’t try anything against him, Negan lets the group go. He leaves, but fortunately Carl gets to keep his hand.