Katie Nolan explains how Teddy Roosevelt saved football on Drunk History


Tuesday night’s episode of Drunk History covered how Teddy Roosevelt saved football with the help of Katie Nolan and Rob Riggle.

Drunk History has gone from a quirky YouTube series into a full-blown comedy series on Comedy Central thanks to the help of a number of big celebrities who have gotten involved with the production of the show.

For Tuesday night’s episode, Katie Nolan from the popular FOX Sports 1 talk show Garbage Time joined Derek Waters. Nolan was the narrator for the story of how former president Teddy Roosevelt saved football.

The entire story is fantastic. Football was getting so violent and out of control that people were dying and the classic became between Harvard and Yale continued to get cancelled. To fix it, Teddy helped come up with some crucial rule changes, including making it 10 yards for a first down and introducing the idea of throwing the ball.

What makes the story even more entertaining is the fact that comedian and actor Rob Riggle plays Teddy Roosevelt. As always, all of the voices are the narrators, so it’s pretty funny watching Riggle talk with Nolan’s voice. You can watch the entire story in the video below courtesy of Comedy Central.

This season of Drunk History has been as strong as ever thanks to appearances from a number of big names. Celebrities like Tony Hale, Michael Cera and Riggle have stopped by to help with this season, and you can be certain that a number of other big names will show up throughout the season.