Westworld Season 1, Episode 3 recap: Biggest WTF moments

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Cannibal Bandits in the Hills

There were a few downright terrifying moments in the late-half of Westworld and they all had to do with some creepy ass cannibals in the hills. It wasn’t confirmed that they were cannibals, but it was pretty heavily implied based on how creepy they were.

Teddy was roped into a search party as part of his new backstory, and that led him to howling, masked bandits in the darkness that attacked and killed him. There was a moment where he attempted to shoot the bandits as they surrounded him, only to waste his bullets.

This implies that these bandits — or whatever they are — aren’t hosts. They might very well be guests that have gone rogue and created some sort of gang in the hills. That’s an assumption, but it feels like The Man In Black might not be the only guy with the idea of making this fantasy western world as terrifying real as possible.

Bernard Buddies Up With Delores

Bernard is an interesting character in that it seems that he’s going back and forth between being totally bought into the idea that the hosts aren’t real and wanting to help them. We saw the most aggressive example of this after Bernard talked with Ford about who Arnold is. This sparked the idea of conciseness within Bernard, who then had a sit down with Delores.

We learned that Bernard had a son who died, something that he’s had to get over — and for the most part hasn’t been able to. But it’s this emotion inside of him

Delores Remembers The Man In Black, Layered Memories

Perhaps the biggest twist of the episode came at the end. Delores, after having a conversation with Bernard, heads back to her ranch and into a situation that she has seemingly run into a hundred times. Her father has been killed and she is about to be raped by an aggressor.

But as Rebus is about to rape her, Delores sees him as The Man In Black. She then hears a voice in her head say to kill him — which she does. When she shoots, it’s Rebus who is shot. She then wanders out of the barn and begins recalling memories and visions that didn’t happen — something that she shouldn’t be able to do.

This furthers along the notion that Delores and the other hosts have layered memories that they have no idea what they are but they just have them stored. We saw this same thing explored in Blade Runner, but Delores’ visions weren’t necessarily dangerous so much as they were scary.

Later in the episode, when we see the lost host that Elsie and Stubbs changing literally bash his own brains in, it showed us that these layered memories can also be deadly the same way a person hearing voices inside their heads in the real world can be.