30 most shocking South Park moments ever

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17. Kenny becomes a super zombie

“Pinkeye” is one of the first episodes of South Park, but still one of the most memorable. Years before zombies exploded into the mainstream with shows like The Walking Dead, South Park was satirizing it already. The aforementioned Halloween episode features Kenny dying early on, only to rise from the dead as a bloodthirsty zombie.

Throughout the episode, Kenny rots and falls apart. Nobody seems to notice he is a zombie, however. As he bites people, they turn into zombies and bite more people. Before you know it, a massive outbreak overtakes the town of South Park.

Panicked, the boys start killing zombies. They come to Chef for help, but he turns into a zombie as well. Fortunately, he is more concerned about doing “Thriller” than he is eating them. But they need to stop this outbreak, and fast.

That’s when they discover that to stop all of the zombies, you must kill the first zombie. In one of the series’ first iconic moments, the boys saw zombie Kenny completely in half with a chainsaw. This restores the rest of the town’s zombies, who turn back to normal. At least the ones still alive, anyway.