30 most shocking South Park moments ever

South Park - Photo: Comedy Central
South Park - Photo: Comedy Central /
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Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s legendary animated series South Park is chock full of shocking moments. Here are the top 30 most shocking of them all.

From its very inception, South Park was meant to offend. Its filthy language and excessive violence brought new complaints to Comedy Central every week.

But pushing the envelope has always been part of the show’s charm. Let’s take a look at the 30 most shocking South Park moments, starting with…

30. Handicapped children have a fight

Everyone knew “Cripple Fight” was going to be an offensive episode. The title alone guarantees it. And that’s precisely what happened when the episode aired.

The fifth season episode marks the first appearance of Jimmy, who has since become a South Park mainstay. Jimmy is a mentally handicapped boy who loves to perform stand-up comedy. He proves to be a hit with the residents and gets popular.

The other handicapped boy in town, Timmy, grows very jealous of Jimmy’s attention. After attempting to kill Jimmy, the two eventually break out into a fist fight. Locals watch, but nobody is more excited than Eric Cartman, who screams, “Cripple fight!”

Seeing two handicapped boys having a “cripple fight” on television was certainly a first at the time.