Saturday Night Live Season 42 review: Was Margot Robbie funny?


Margot Robbie dropped by Saturday Night Live for the Season 42 premiere, but was she funny?

Saturday Night Live returned this weekend with a real doozy of a premiere. Unlike last year, where things were sluggish out of the gate with two very forgettable hosts (Miley Cyrus followed up 1-2 snoozer-style with Bruce Willis), this year is off to a hot start.

Not only did Margot Robbie host the hell out of the show tonight, but we saw the debut of three new cast members who could very well work their way into the regular rotation of skits. Maybe that was the goal, after SNL failed to due their previous cast additions justice, but Mikey Day, Alex Moffat and Melissa Villaseno all saw airtime in their first episode.

Day and Moffat saw the most time, with Villaseno debuting her pretty alright Sarah Silverman impression.

Here were the moments you and your co-workers will be talking about from Margot Robbie’s time at SNL this weekend:

SNL Rundown…

1. Any questions we had about Alec Baldwin stepping into the role of Donald Trump were swiftly answered. He not only fit like a glove in the role, but he gave us our first big SNL moment of the season; that moment everyone will be talking about the next day.

2. If the Trump opener was the thing that will make the rounds on the talk shows and the family friendly circuit, the Sexy/Nasty Librarian skit was the underground hit of the night. SNL continued to “get weird” with a skit about a hot librarian who became progressively disgusting and psychotic as she danced.

3. Michael Che also remains one of the best things about the series. He went in on national anthem protest hate in a way only he can. It was poignant, hilarious and important.

4. Speaking of important things, Leslie Jones continues to own the nude hack scandal. In the final skit of the night, Jones hired Elliot from Mr. Robot to try and figure out who hacked her nudes over the summer.

5. Larry David returned as Bernie Sanders for the Family Feud skit. Let’s also take a moment to acknowledge that the Feud skit has officially become this generation’s Jeopardy.

6. There was a Scooby-Doo parody skit that fell sort of flat, but is already starting to age well. Robbie played a ditzy newbie character who ends up killing the

6. With Lin-Manuel Miranda hosting the show next week, now is as good a time as any for Cecily Strong to bust out her impression of the Hamilton star.

7. The show ended with Margot Robbie flubbing the closing monologue. It’s not even troll-worthy, because A) she can do no wrong and B) we would all flub the closer if we hosted.


The 42nd season of SNL is off to a hot start, thanks both to Robbie fully buying into the show and the new cast members. We got to see all three of the cast members to varying degrees and for the most part there was a lot to love.

It was only one episode, but so far things seem to be off to a much better start than last year, when Miley Cyrus kicked things off with a thud.

 Next Week on SNL…

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Date: October 8th
Host: Lin-Manuel Miranda
Musical Guest: TwentyOne Pilots
TV Channel: NBC

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