Saturday Night Live: 30 scandals and secrets you didn’t know

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Chris Farley and Adam Sandler (Photo: NBC)
Chris Farley and Adam Sandler (Photo: NBC) /

18. SNL fires two of its biggest stars suddenly

Two of the biggest names in comedy history are Adam Sandler and Chris Farley. Something they have in common is that they both made names for themselves on Saturday Night Live. In the 90s, these guys were two of the show’s biggest stars.

Having said that, it’s all the more surprising that these two share something else in common: they were both released from the show at the same time, with no real reason given. By this point, Sandler already had the number one movie in theaters with Billy Madison. Farley was also getting more popular after Tommy Boy came out. But all at once, they were let go from the show.

To this day, Sandler claims he has no idea why he and Farley were fired. However, he doesn’t harp on it, as he says it all worked out anyway. It was just disappointing at the time because his future was so uncertain. Surely, his subsequent film career earned him so many more millions in profits.

Farley wasn’t quite as lucky as Sandler was, unfortunately. He nabbed a few film roles after the firing but passed away soon after in 1997.