Fill the Game of Thrones void with these epic late night moments (Video)

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2. Colbert Destroys Obama Over Game of Thrones

Show: Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Year: 2015

It’s been a rough start for Stephen Colbert on Late Show. He’s managed to tread water with more ease of go late, but things got off to a bumpy start when he took over for Letterman in 2015. Nevertheless, one of his first signature moments was trolling the hell out of President Obama for not knowing base-level knowledge about the most popular show on television.

Colbert went hard in the paint when he learned that Obama didn’t know a thing about Game of Thrones outside of it being a TV Show. It was one of the few moments in Colbert’s run on Late Show where he was as good as we hoped he would be when it was announced he’d be taking over.

1. Space Pants

Show: Saturday Night Live, Peter Dinklage
Year: 2016

I you don’t like Space Pants, then please leave. Plus you’re on the last slide so thanks for your business. Space Pants was one of the most inspired skits on Saturday Night Live last season. Next to the ‘Farewell Mr. Bunting’ and ‘Kevin Roberts’ skits, Space Pants is up there as a Top 5 skit on the season as a whole.

Peter Dinklage makes this skit. Seriously, it’s impossible to not smile and laugh a handful of times throughout. From his wig to his robotic dance to the space pants. Everything about this skit is magical and it’s one of the best non-Game of Thrones moments for Peter Dinklage.