Fill the Game of Thrones void with these epic late night moments (Video)

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4. Game of Thrones Producers Apologize for Hodor’s Death

Show: Jimmy Kimmel Live!
Year: 2016

While Fallon and Conan have gotten in their licks at the expense of Game of Thrones, Jimmy Kimmel knows how to play the game too. Kimmel has a habit for turning current pop culture events around perhaps quicker than any late night host, and that’s good for skewering Game of Thrones.

After the death of Hodor this past season, Kimmel trolled HBO for killing off another beloved character. He accomplished this by using producers D.B. Weiss and David Benioff — and piles of cash — to issue an apology to the fans.

3. Jimmy Fallon on Game of Thrones Season 6 Pros and Cons

Show: Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
Year: 2016

Kimmel might know how to turn around pop culture jokes quicker, but Fallon still has wit in his bits. One of his strongest and most consistent bits has been the ‘Pros and Cons’ on the Tonight Show. Of course, this has crossed over with major events like the start of the NFL season, the Stanley Cup Playoffs and the Olympics.

The premiere of Game of Thrones last year was one of the major events that Fallon felt was worth of a Pros and Cons segment. Per usual, it was mainstream jokey but had enough bite or fans of the show to not feel like they weren’t in on all of the fun.

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