Fill the Game of Thrones void with these epic late night moments (Video)

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6. Tyrion and Cersei Play Overwatch with Conan

Show: Conan
Year: 2016

While Conan might not be on network television, he’s still coming up with killer segments that both fit his show and have the ability to go viral. Look no further than his totally original ‘Clueless Gamer’ series.

Everyone from NFL players to politicians have been a part of this segment. That includes Game of Thrones actors Peter Dinklage and Lena Headey. The duo tried their hand at “Overwatch” and the results were hilarious.

5. Game of Desks

Show: Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
Year: 2013

There was a time when Jimmy Fallon truly looked like he was going t become the new king of late night. Letterman was fading into the twilight of his run and there was no competition beyond that. His bits used to be pretty cutting edge with their satire, and while that has faded with his watered down reputation, we can still look back fondly on some of his finer moments.

One of his more out-there bits involved a skit he called ‘Game of Desks’. The premise was replacing the Iron Throne with Fallon’s desk, which opened up parodies of just about every character on the show. From Khal Drago to Ned Stark everyone got trolled by Fallon and it was great.

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