30 times Stephen Colbert embarrassed Donald Trump

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26. Where Donald Trump gets all of his information

Things were always likely to produce some sort of trouble when it came to Donald Trump rallies. Constant reports of violence and similar shenanigans continued to escalate, at one point seeing a protester rushing the stage at a rally in Dayton, Ohio. The man was arrested and taken away, but Trump wasn’t going to let it go at that.

Stephen Colbert highlighted Trump’s Twitter response to the incident, where he theorized that the man had ties to ISIS. For proof, he linked a video of the guy with middle-eastern music and flags featured within. Unfortunately for Trump, the video was a complete hoax.

To defend himself once it was brought to light that the video was a fake, Trump declared that he only knew what was on the internet. That’s when Colbert wanted to make sure we all heard that and understood what it meant:

“I want to let that sink in for a second. The likely Republican nominee for President of the United States said all he knows is what’s on the internet. Trump is America’s gullible uncle just forwarding everything he sees online. Obviously, his first state dinner will be honoring that Nigerian prince.”

Colbert followed that up by suggesting there is other scary stuff on the internet too, and showed a clip of a cat being bathed while middle-eastern music plays.

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