30 times Stephen Colbert embarrassed Donald Trump

Photo: CBS
Photo: CBS /
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1. The one question Colbert truly wants to ask Trump

Donald Trump has been the subject of Stephen Colbert’s late night program on many, many nights. As we have seen, the Republican nominee is an excellent source of material for any comedian. But Trump has even appeared on Colbert’s show to talk to him personally, although Colbert didn’t get to ask him the questions he really, really wanted to.

One night before a taping of The Late Show, Colbert was doing a pre-show question and answer session with the audience. A college student in the crowd asked Colbert what he would ask Donald Trump if he were on the show that night, and Colbert had an amazing answer for her. As the show wasn’t broadcasting at the time, Colbert had no reason to censor his answer, the question he really wanted to ask Trump:

“Well, we’re not broadcasting right now, so I’d say, ‘What does Vladimir Putin’s [BLEEP] taste like?'”

The moment was hilarious enough that CBS still chose to strip it from the Q & A and make it available online via YouTube, anyway. So now all of us can hear the humorous question, and Trump himself likely has by now, as well. But chances are, I don’t think we’ll get an answer back from him.