30 times Stephen Colbert embarrassed Donald Trump

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28. A “kindly old lady” destroys Donald Trump

Donald Trump is known for his inability to hold back when it comes to insulting people. Even in the case of parents of a fallen soldier who had criticized Trump, the Republican nominee just couldn’t stop himself from insulting them for days in interviews and on Twitter. Does this guy know no boundaries?

This got Stephen Colbert to wonder if there was anyone out there that Trump wouldn’t insult. As an experiment, he was going to bring out multiple “easy targets” for Trump, and they would deliver insults about him to try to get him fired up. Colbert wanted to see if Trump would start blowing up Twitter when these jokes were aired.

First, Colbert brought out a “kindly old lady” to say something about Donald Trump. Coming from her, the scorching line itself is made extra hilarious. Looking at the camera with complete seriousness, the woman said this line:

“Hello. My collection of porcelain dolls have larger hands than Donald Trump… and larger penises.”

Colbert followed through with a kindergartener and a kitten dishing out more insults to Trump, but the line from the sweet old woman was definitely the most vicious burn.

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