30 times Stephen Colbert embarrassed Donald Trump

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2. Donald Trump encouraging love and togetherness?

When Donald Trump became the Republican nominee, it was a great cause of concern for the nation. Trump has been constantly referred to as our potential “last president” because of the inevitable damage he is going to do if he winds up in the Oval Office. Indeed, Trump having access to nuclear launch codes is certainly a very scary thing.

But Trump himself seems to think it’s all going to be peachy and rosy. In a victory speech, Trump claimed that everybody was going to “love each other” and “cherish each other”, as if a man whose campaign ran solely on hatred could really bring about such a thing. Love is not something anyone associates with a man like Donald Trump.

But Stephen Colbert thought that there is a good reason people would react this way if Trump were elected president. After playing the clip of Trump talking about how everybody was going to get all warm and cozy with one another once Trump took office, Colbert offered this follow-up quip:

“Yes we’re gonna love each other, we’re gonna cherish each other, basically all the things you do when you think the world is going to end.”

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