30 times Stephen Colbert embarrassed Donald Trump

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3. Why Trump’s tax returns seem so big

It’s truly comical how Donald Trump has refused to release his tax returns. For someone who pestered President Obama for so long to put out his birth certificate if he had “nothing to hide”, Trump has been very secretive with his own personal documents. The latest reports are that he was insisting he would only release them after the election.

As suspicious as it seems, Trump claims that there are no issues. He prides himself on being a very successful businessman, and only wants us to believe that he pulls in a ton of money. The Republican nominee only doesn’t want us to see exactly how much, where it comes from, or what he does with it. Just that it’s apparently big.

To emphasize this point, Stephen Colbert showcased a tweeted picture from Donald Trump of himself next to a gigantic stack of papers which he said was his tax return, saying this:

“So far, the only glimpse of his taxes he has given us is this picture he tweeted out of a huge stack of documents. It’s a huge stack. But to be fair, that stack looks a lot larger next to his tiny, tiny hands.”

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