30 times Stephen Colbert embarrassed Donald Trump

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4. A long history of making women uncomfortable

Donald Trump is often criticized for failing to connect with women. For those that don’t know him, maybe it’s all of the sexist rhetoric that comes out of his mouth. But for those that do, chances are he’s made them very uncomfortable already just from being around him.

On The Late Show, Stephen Colbert covered a story from the New York Times about Donald Trump’s private interactions with women. Apparently, the publication reported that Trump had been “unnerving women for forty years”. The subject was featured in a 5,000 word report, and the New York Times also emailed the headline out as a “special bulletin”. But is this really news to anyone?

Poking fun at how this isn’t exactly a headline, Colbert showed the reports. He said that it’s not that Trump objectifying women isn’t a story, just that it isn’t a new story. It’s been the story for forty years. Phrasing it in the form of this joke, Colbert put it best:

“Unnerving women for forty years? That’s hard to believe. That implies there were twenty-nine years when he was not unnerving women. I’m going to need a fact check on that one.”

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