30 times Stephen Colbert embarrassed Donald Trump

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7. Trump’s baffling response to the Orlando tragedy

In the wake of the Pulse nightclub massacre in Orlando leaving nearly fifty people dead, many Americans were left looking for answers. Donald Trump wouldn’t waste any time politicizing the issue, as he claimed to know exactly who to blame for it— Hillary Clinton. After saying he “called it!” on Twitter, Trump would then say Clinton’s refusal to say the words “radical Islam” was what led to this horrible event.

Stephen Colbert thought that Trump exploiting recent tragedies to further his agenda was a new low, and put him on blast for it on The Late Show. Clips were played of Trump’s speech about the massacre, wherein he accuses Democrats of being too politically correct. But Trump himself just refuses “to be politically correct”. Colbert immediately followed the statement with this joke:

“Yes, Donald Trump refuses to be politically correct. And just to be safe, he refuses to be correct.”

It may have been a joke, but it was entirely accurate. Trump might say all of these outlandish things, but the problem isn’t that they’re not politically correct. The problem is that he’s a compulsive liar and nothing he’s saying is true.

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