30 times Stephen Colbert embarrassed Donald Trump

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9. Donald Trump’s problems with Mexico

As we all know, Trump’s magical wall between the United States of America and Mexico is his biggest promise of all. Trump wants to build a massive wall between the two countries to cut down on illegal immigration, and he wants the Mexicans themselves to pay for it all. So whenever he has problems with anyone who he at least thinks is Mexican, he’ll say they’re just mad about his policies.

As it turned out later, Trump was having difficulties in court which he blamed on a Mexican judge. Trump cited the negative rulings on the fact that he was building a wall, and the judge apparently didn’t like it. In a clip played by Stephen Colbert on The Late Show, Trump had literally said, “I’m building a wall, okay? And it’s a wall between Mexico, not another country”. What?

Colbert found the comment very funny, and wanted to use it to make a point to his audience. It really came across demonstrating just how obvious it is that Trump just hates Mexico while showing how slow he is as well:

“This is important: ‘Between Mexico, not another country.’ Proof that Trump doesn’t like Mexico and can’t name another country.”

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