30 times Stephen Colbert embarrassed Donald Trump

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29. Donald Trump celebrates Opposite Day every day

Donald Trump is probably the prime definition of a flip flopping politician. He will boldly make certain statements in one interview only to directly contradict them in another. So much of this back and forth action nearly made Stephen Colbert’s head spin on The Late Show.

Looking at it as Donald Trump apparently celebrating Opposite Day every day of his life, Colbert showed several instances of Trump contradicting himself. After each clip, Colbert seemed to be suffering from more injuries. Apparently, all of this flip flopping was giving him whiplash. Colbert even had to wear protective gear to prevent himself from clawing his eyes out during this election.

The topic of Donald Trump’s relationship with Vladimir Putin is particularly a subject where the Republican nominee constantly changes his mind. He at one point said he had a good relationship with Putin, only to later declare he had none whatsoever. Trump downplayed it by suggesting they were never close as they didn’t go hiking together, so Colbert imitated him and followed up with this line:

“Yeah, I didn’t have dinner with him. I didn’t go hiking with him. We certainly didn’t sit on a hilltop gazing at a starry sky, and Putin didn’t point out a shooting star, and I definitely didn’t say, ‘My wish already came true’.”

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