30 times Stephen Colbert embarrassed Donald Trump

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13. Donald Trump’s squabble with Mitt Romney

Some of Donald Trump’s biggest detractors are in his own political party. Several prominent Republican politicians have denounced Trump, and many of them just can’t bring themselves to support him. And one of the most notable of those bashing Trump would be 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

On The Late Show, Stephen Colbert played some footage of Romney bashing Donald Trump. Romney noted how lots of his supporters would point to his success as a businessman as a basis to vote for him. But that’s not a good enough answer for Romney, who admittedly does have a point that Trump has a terrible track record. The man has had a lot of terrible ideas over the years, and it’s very easy to point them out.

Romney brought up many of Trump’s failures, like his airline, magazine, and steaks. Romney emphasized that Trump is not, in fact, any kind of business genius. And while this all may be very correct, it seemed that Romney left out another one of Trump’s past mistakes, as pointed out by Colbert:

“True, Trump has put his name on some terrible investments. For example, four years ago, he endorsed Mitt Romney for president!”

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