30 times Stephen Colbert embarrassed Donald Trump

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14. How Trump’s campaign is like his publicist alter ego

Stephen Colbert discovered an interesting fact about Donald Trump, which he told his audience about on The Late Show. Apparently, in the early 90s, Trump would call news organizations using the phony name “John Miller”, pretending to be a publicist. The Washington Post claimed to have multiple recordings of Trump using the alias while essentially bragging about how great Trump was.

Some of Trump’s reports he wanted covered in the news included how very well he was doing financially, and even a rumor about Madonna wanting to date him. It’s all typical “Donald Trump is great” rhetoric, and it’s not surprising at all to learn that Trump himself was making these calls personally. The only problem is, the lie eventually was exposed.

When Trump had to answer for himself, he admitted that he was indeed his own fake publicist. But he also clarified that the whole thing simply started off as a joke, then got way out of hand. But that sort of reminds Colbert of Trump’s modern day bid to be president:

“And in the 1990s, Trump admitted under oath he was John Miller and that the whole thing was a ‘joke gone awry’. So, a lot like his presidential campaign.”

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