30 times Stephen Colbert embarrassed Donald Trump

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15. Trump is demanding a “heterosexit”

It hasn’t been as easy for Donald Trump to make money as he would like us all to think. He prides himself on a reputation of being an extraordinary businessman, capable of making money appear just by snapping his fingers. This, of course, would have to ignore his multiple bankruptcies and the struggles he’s had raising money for his presidential campaign.

Stephen Colbert made fun of Trump’s desperate measures for raising funds on The Late Show, bringing to light how Trump even “spammed” the UK looking for money. In the wake of “Brexit”, the event which saw the Britain separate from the E.U., Trump would take inspiration to announce his own Donald Trump exit, also known as a “Trexit”.

Trump took to the podium and told his followers in attendance at the rally that his plan was to withdraw the “United Straights from the Trans-Pacific Partnership”. Botching his words in this way opened the door for a humorous observation from Colbert on what it seemed like the Republican nominee was really asking for:

“Hold on. Did he just say ‘United Straights’? Well, you heard him straight, people. Trump is now demanding a heterosexit.”

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