30 times Stephen Colbert embarrassed Donald Trump

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16. Trump’s lies about a nonexistent video

Donald Trump loves to use Americans’ fear of terrorism for his own benefit. To further people his people behind him, Trump enjoys to rile them up so much that he’ll constantly bring up 9/11. In an effort to push his agenda, Trump made bold claims that he saw large groups of Arab Americans cheering and celebrating as the towers collapsed.

Unfortunately for Trump, fact-checkers on both sides could find no evidence whatsoever to support these claims. No reports or videos of any kind could be discovered to back any of this up. But Trump wasn’t about to come clean and admit he lied, instead choosing to run with it to ridiculous lengths.

That’s when Trump hilariously said that although he couldn’t “remember exactly where” he saw the video of this supposed celebration, he’s still totally sure he did see it. Why? Because he has, quote, the “world’s greatest memory”.

This is a joke that pretty much writes itself, as the irony is hysterically obvious to everyone else but Trump. But Stephen Colbert would still make it clear on The Late Show:

“That’s right. He can’t remember exactly where he saw that video. But he can remember that he has the world’s greatest memory.”

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