30 times Stephen Colbert embarrassed Donald Trump

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17. What does Trump have in common with Abe Lincoln?

As Donald Trump’s campaign continued throughout the primaries, it would only become more and more obvious that he was going to win the nomination. There was no stopping him, which meant the rest of us were going to have to start getting used to the idea that Trump might actually be our next president.

Most of us, even a lot of his supporters, do have to question whether Trump would be any good at the job. Many of those voting for him don’t truly believe so, but are so anti-Hillary that they’re voting him in anyway. But Trump himself thinks pretty differently about the whole situation.

On the subject of being president, Trump boldly declared he would be just as presidential as any other former president. Except, of course, for Abraham Lincoln, who he regarded as someone who’d be very hard to beat. Stephen Colbert would highlight this clip of Trump’s comments about Lincoln, and point out to his audience that he has more in common with the former president than we think:

“Personally I think Trump is just being humble. He’s got a lot in common with Lincoln. I’m sure if he’s elected, half the country would want to secede.”

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