30 times Stephen Colbert embarrassed Donald Trump

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19. What is in a big steaming bowl of Trump?

When Bill Maher recently appeared on The Late Show as a guest for Stephen Colbert, he was in for a real treat. Colbert apparently never forgets anything, as he recalled a time when Maher had previously spoken with him about Trump possibly running for president. Maher claimed that the Trump campaign would die down before he actually got the Republican nomination.

As we now know, that wasn’t the case. Trump basically snatched that nomination with ease, as hard as it was for the rest of us to explain. But Colbert had doubted Maher’s notion that Trump’s campaign wouldn’t last, and had originally told him that when Trump won the nomination, Colbert would feed Maher a “steaming bowl of Trump”.

What exactly is in a bowl of Trump, anyway? Colbert showed us exactly what. Pulling out a literal bowl, Colbert would fill it with steaks and wine, intended to represent failed Trump products, before adding another special ingredient:

“Some Trump steaks. Do you want some Trump steaks? A little Trump wine? And, of course, something orange.”

Colbert then pulled out a bag of Cheetos snacks and poured them all into the bowl.

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