30 times Stephen Colbert embarrassed Donald Trump

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20. Why is Trump fat shaming Chris Christie?

Presidential primaries can be a funny thing. Competing to be the leader of their party, candidates will say the most horrible things about one another to try and get those big wins. But the catch is that when someone is forced to suspend their campaigns, they have to go through the arduous task of endorsing the nominee that beat them.

One of the most painful examples is Chris Christie. We had seen Christie and Trump hurl insults at each other throughout the primaries until Christie had dropped out. Christie had agreed to endorse Trump, and in return, Trump would help him hold a fundraiser to appease the debt his campaign had amassed.

But that didn’t mean Trump was done with the insults. With Christie reluctantly standing behind him, Trump made a joke about how Christie shouldn’t eat Oreo cookies anymore. Yes, in front of Christie’s own friends, family, and many supporters, Trump had bullied him for being overweight.

But it’s not like Donald Trump has the body of John Cena, and it’s pretty dumb for him to make these quips about other people. Colbert humorously put it this way on The Late Show:

“Damn. It has got to hurt to be called fat by fitness model Donald Trump.”

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