30 times Stephen Colbert embarrassed Donald Trump

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Stephen Colbert has roasted Donald Trump pretty badly over the years, but what was his best takedown?

Do comedians even need to make fun of Donald Trump? The man is practically a walking joke as it is. Some of the things he says are so ridiculous that it’s hard to even know where to begin with proving him wrong.

Stephen Colbert has taken on the challenge, however, and has been following Donald Trump’s campaign very closely since it was first announced. For every gaffe and misstep Trump has taken— and there have been plenty— Colbert was there each time to put Trump on blast.

There’s really no shortage to choose from when looking for the best Colbert jokes on the presidential hopeful. But I’ve conjured up the 30 best Colbert jokes on Trump I could find, although I’m sure I’m still missing a lot.

Likewise, there will be plenty more to come, no doubt. Coming up to the election, Trump is bound to flood the media with more and more stupid comments. So if he winds up becoming the president, there could easily be a laundry list of these coming out regularly.

For now, let’s look at the 30 best Colbert jokes on Donald Trump (so far)…

30. Colbert helps find some good news for Trump

Donald Trump has certainly done a lot of damage to his own campaign. It would seem that this is obvious to everyone else but Trump, including his own staffers. Apparently, reports had surfaced about members of Trump’s campaign team feeling like they’re wasting their time, and some of them were even “suicidal”.

Leave it to Stephen Colbert to highlight this on The Late Show. Colbert brought up the reports, also showing video of Trump denying them completely. Trump insists that his campaign has never been so united and that everything was fine. It did little to repair the damage to his image, as he still carried a reputation of being a very divisive candidate.

Still, Colbert reported that there was some good news to come out for Trump as well, with reports of the Republican nominee raising $82 million in fundraisers. Investigating the matter further, it was uncovered that those who would sign up for a recurring payment through Trump’s website could later not find the option to stop the payment.

Comparing Trump’s leeching donations to gyms charging people for monthly memberships for people who don’t actually show up, Colbert delivered this joke:

“Supporting Trump is like joining a gym, only it’s democracy that isn’t working out.”

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