30 most scorching Colbert takedowns of Hillary Clinton

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22. Hillary Clinton? More like Hillary Clinchin’

With five remaining states left to go before the end of the voting process of the Democratic primaries, several major news outlets began reporting that Hillary Clinton had “clinched” the nomination. By way of making phone calls to superdelegates and finding enough of them swearing to vote for Clinton no matter what, it was determined that she would get enough delegates needed to win the nomination.

Supposedly, Clinton wasn’t thrilled with the premature report, as she may have wanted to give that big announcement herself at a victory rally the next night. On The Late Show, Stephen Colbert had an idea to make Clinton feel better about having her major announcement spoiled before she could be the one to say it first, putting it like this:

“The Clinton folks aren’t happy about the media jumping the gun on her clinching it. She wanted to announce that at her victory rally tonight, so when she does announce, everyone please act like you didn’t see this coming.”

Clinton has constantly referenced how historic her presidency would be, and she has enjoyed basking in the glory of possibly being the first female president. This way, nobody would be raining on her parade.

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