30 most scorching Colbert takedowns of Hillary Clinton

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25. Hillary Clinton’s ever-changing height

Hillary Clinton may have long been seen as the frontrunner to win the Democratic primary, even before Bernie Sanders surprised everyone with a massively popular grassroots campaign. But despite strong opposition and the effects of scandals like the email situation and Benghazi damaging her reputation, it seemed like nothing was going to be able to stop the Clinton train.

On The Late Show, however, Stephen Colbert uncovered a new scandal about Hillary nobody else was talking about— “Heightghazi”. Colbert revealed that Clinton was named as being 5’5″ when she was running for president in 2008, according to her own campaign. Now, in the 2016 race, all of her height reports list her as being 5’7″, creating a two inch discrepancy. The comedian then quipped this remark:

“That’s right, Hillary Clinton has added two inches. That is a tactic normally reserved for guys on Grindr.”

Colbert then went into a full segment devoted to the issue, noting that, historically, the taller candidates win more often than shorter ones. He jokingly stresses how big of a deal these two inches are, and debates possible reasons for Hillary choosing to lie about her height, as well as wondering what else the presidential hopeful may be hiding.

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