30 most scorching Colbert takedowns of Hillary Clinton

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26. Clinton talks taking on big banks

When Hillary Clinton accepted the Democratic nomination to become president, it wasn’t without its controversy. Her victory over Bernie Sanders was seen as tainted by many of the Vermont senator’s supporters, some of whom pledged to literally scarf down as many beans they could to protest in the form of a “fart-in”. But it didn’t stop her from taking to the stage to accept the nomination.

With so many Bernie supporters refusing to immediately embrace Clinton as the nominee, Clinton echoed a lot of her opponent’s key points during his campaign. One example would be her comment about making big banks and corporations actually pay their fare share of taxes like the rest of us, which was met with applause.

But it’s easy to question Hillary’s honesty when it comes to taking on the banks, considering the huge payoffs she received from donors like Goldman Sachs for brief speaking appearances. Stephen Colbert played a clip of the part of Clinton’s acceptance speech on The Late Show, and followed it up with a mock line that might suggest what Clinton really meant when she said it:

“…and I know they’re good for it, because they paid me tons when I spoke to them!”

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