30 most scorching Colbert takedowns of Hillary Clinton

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1. A relevant, twenty year old Clinton joke

In a hilarious segment on The Late Show, host Stephen Colbert imagined himself needing some new material to use on Bill Clinton following the news of him speaking at the DNC, only he didn’t have any ideas. So desperate to come up with something, he traveled two decades into the past, to talk to the 1990s version of himself to get some good jokes to use against the Clintons.

The “young” Colbert was at first shocked that the Clintons were still relevant in 2016. However, he was quickly able to deduce that Hillary was running for president. It turned out that the young Colbert had just written a Clinton joke, but how could it possible be effective in 2016? Skeptical, he still gave this joke to his future self:

“I’ve just written it, but there’s no way it would still work twenty years from now. How are Clinton scandals like Pokemon? Because you’ll never catch ’em all!”

Indeed, with the rise of Pokemon GO making that franchise super hot again, with the Clinton family again gunning for the White House— it almost seems as if we are stuck in the past. But when Hillary Clinton inevitably becomes our next president, let’s hope our future is much better off than it’d be with Trump.