30 most scorching Colbert takedowns of Hillary Clinton

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5. Hillary Clinton would know just who to call

When the 2016 primaries began winding down, it was being reported that Bernie Sanders would be meeting with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton both to discuss the best options moving forward. This signaled his eventual endorsement of Clinton on the pretense that they needed to unite and band together to take on Donald Trump, to ensure the Republican presidential hopeful doesn’t wind up in the White House.

Trump realized that his opponent in the general election was going to be Clinton, so as he is wont to do, he jumped on Twitter to berate her at every opportunity. When Obama formally gave his endorsement to Clinton, that really set Trump off his rocker, leading him to make some tweet about how her campaign meant that a win for her would be “four more years of Obama”.

In response, Clinton fired back at Trump a fiery message to just delete his account. It was a hard line that elicited a strong crowd from the Late Show audience when Colbert showed them the tweet, but he couldn’t let Clinton herself escape unscathed by throwing this line at her:

“I tell ya, if he needs help deleting computer records, she knows a guy!”

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