30 most scorching Colbert takedowns of Hillary Clinton

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7. Nobody wants either of these candidates

On that same subject of most voters wanting neither the Democratic or Republican nominees to actually become president, Stephen Colbert dove into it pretty hard with a WERD segment on The Late Show. Colbert mentioned how both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have historically low approval ratings, proving that this was really the worst choice Americans have ever had to make when it comes to voting for president.

Bernie Sanders was much more popular than Hillary Clinton, but the superdelegate system meant he never really had a fair chance at gaining the nomination. Still, most of his supporters have moved on to backing Clinton just to vote against Donald Trump. Likewise, the majority of Trump voters are only voting for the reality TV star as a way to vote against Clinton. This election has become a contest about which person we hate the most.

But Colbert doesn’t think any of us should be surprised. Trump and Clinton are both brand names which have been around forever and disliked by many for just as long. It’s almost like a famous product becoming the president, as put by Colbert with this line:

“If you don’t like Wonder Bread, you’re not going to like President Wonder Bread.”

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