30 most scorching Colbert takedowns of Hillary Clinton

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9. Cartoon Hillary Clinton lets Trump destroy himself

Every single time when Republican nominee and orange-tinted alleged billionaire Donald Trump speaks, he’s bound to cause himself some trouble. He has very little regard for the way his comments are taken by the public and the media, and somehow, he only seems to dig himself deeper whenever he puts himself into any new controversy.

During one of Trump’s particularly bad strings of embarrassing gaffes being brought to light in the media, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton stayed surprisingly silent. But maybe there was a reason for her seemingly vanishing from the face of the planet, according to Stephen Colbert on The Late Show.

Colbert suggested that Clinton was simply using a strategy of watching from afar while her enemies destroy themselves. It makes sense to let Trump implode without putting her name into the mix unnecessarily, so for all intents and purposes, Clinton laid low for a little while. So when cartoon Hillary Clinton came onto The Late Show to provide an official comment, she did so by saying this:

“Great question. You know, in my heart, I truly feel— SMOKE BOMB!”

With that, Clinton threw a smoke bomb on the ground, and like an animated villain, she completely vanished.

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