30 most scorching Colbert takedowns of Hillary Clinton

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10. Cartoon Hillary Clinton brushes off new email scandal

Stephen Colbert has had a lot of success with having a cartoon version of Donald Trump on The Late Show, but he wasn’t going to leave Hillary Clinton out of the party. An animated version of Mrs. Clinton would also debut on the late night talk show, to have her own self-deprecating interviews with Colbert.

In the wake of the Democratic National Convention leaked email fiasco, which publicly revealed how Democratic party leaders had essentially “rigged” the election with a bias against Bernie Sanders throughout the entire primary process, Clinton and the Democrats found themselves in some hot water.

So, leave it to Stephen Colbert to ask animated Hillary about it, and her golden answer not only perfectly spoofed the way she pads up her answers to appeal to whoever she’s talking to, it further exemplified how Clinton had always been the “chosen one”:

“That is a beautiful question, and it makes me very happy that you asked it of me. It is true that this week didn’t start off exactly as we planned it since 1998, but I think everyone agrees that now is the time for us all to come together in unity, or harmony, or solidarity, or whatever synonym resonates more strongly with you.”

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